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 Virtua Fighter 2 Character Information 

VF2 -- The Characters
Akira YukiLion RafaleJacky BryantWolf HawkfieldPai ChanKagemaruSarah BryantLau ChanJeffry McWildShun Di AkiraYuki Shun Di Jeffry McWild Lau Chan Sarah Bryant Kagemaru Pai Chan Wolf Hawkfield Lion Rafale Dural

One of the greatest strengths of Virtua Fighter 2 are its characters. Ranging from rambunctious youths to age-old masters, each has a personality, style and charisma all his own. They each have a tale to tell and a driving force which has led them to enter the World Fighting Tournament, but only you can lead them to victory. 

By clicking on a character in the image above, or his or her name below it, you will be taken to a page dedicated solely to information on that character. There you will find pictures, a short story synopsis and any FAQ or character guides I may have found which analyse the pugilist you've chosen. 

Whether you want to learn the moves of all 10 characters or prefer to focus on mastering but one of them, this is the perfect place to start. 

Once again, please tell me what you think by visiting the Contact Section which is accessible at all times through the link on the left.

Good luck! 

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