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Akira Yuki 

Already a legendary master of the art of Hakkyoku-ken, Akira has spent the last year traveling and honing his skills to a razor edge. Though he did not win the first tournament, he considered it a learning experience, and eagerly anticipates trying out his new moves on all comers. (Source: VF2 PC Help File.)


Akira in repose Name: Akira Yuki 
Date of birth:  23rd September 1968
Sex: Male
Blood type: O
Height:  1.80 m
Weight: 79 kg
Job: Kung Fu teacher
Hobby: Kung Fu
Nationality: Japan
  Fightingstyle: Hakkyoku-ken/Eight Extremes Fist


VF1 Storyline 

Hakkyoku-ken is one of the foremost Chinese martial arts. During the Second World War, the Japanese army developed its own Hakkyoku-ken techniques to improve its infantry's fighting ability. Akira Yuki is the son of the master who developed these techniques. He serves as the assistant instructor at Yuki Budokan. Hot-blooded and impulsive by nature, Akira can also be na´ve and intemperate. After completing his training under his father's tutelage at the age of 23, he went on a quest to test his abilities. When he got word of the World Fighting Tournament, he decided to enter. 

VF2 Storyline 

Akira is the only person to whom the ultimate martial art of Hakkyoku-ken has been handed down. Realizing that the last time around, he lacked experience, Akira has returned hardened by a year's worth of intense training and practice. During the first Tournament, Akira was a bit too "enthusiastic" and his attitude was met with much disapproval. He was humiliated by Kage and has borne a grudge against him ever since. (Source: VF2 FAQ.)  

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I have found the following files related to Akira:  

DouglasCole's Akira FAQ     A decent and concise file which explains the ins and outs of pummelling opponents using Akira. 

JojiSuzuki's Akira FAQ     The ultimate in-depth analysis and guide to Akira. If you really want to know everything  about the formidable Akira Yuki, then grab this file quick!  Be warned, though, it is very thorough.  

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