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Virtua Fighter 2 Files  

Here you'll find various files related to VF2. To start, you won't find that much here, but as time goes by I'll try and dig up new and more interesting stuff. If you have something you'd like to share with the many people who visit this site, just send it to me and I'll gladly oblige.

Virtua Fighter 2 Direct3D Patch This is the most important file you'll ever download for VF2. It allows you to take advantage of your video card's 3D capabilities. Although the backgrounds will be somewhat degraded, you'll find that the game performs so much better when accelerated. Get this file now.

Virtua Fighter Ringside Windows Wallpaper I made this picture to commemorate this site's passing the 3000 hits mark. Thank you to all my friends and visitors for helping me reach this milestone. I hope you find this picture as cool as I think it is.

I'll try and dig up (or create) more files to share with you. Keep coming back.

Thanks to all my visitors for helping me reach 3000 hits!

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Last updated Thursday, July 12, 2001