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Shun Di   

Under the guise of a hermit taking shelter deep in the mountains of northern China, Shun spent his days instructing young students in several esoteric and deadly martial arts. One day, while drinking with two old friends (who happened to be grand masters in the arts of Hakkyoku-ken and Hissou-ken), Shun learned that his contemporaries had students who had achieved high ranks in the previous World Fighting Torunament, and were planning to return for the next. This sounded intriguing, and Shun decided to enter the tournament as well. His old friends tried their best to discourage him - what could one old man do against such powerful young predators? But Shun would not be turned away. It's time to show those youngsters a trick or two.

(Source: VF2 PC Help File.)


Shun's favourite bottle is a full one Name: Shun Di 
Date of birth:  October 2nd, 1940
Sex: Male
Blood type: O
Height:  1.64 m
Weight: 63 kg
Job: Herbal doctor
Hobby: Collecting medicinal herbs
Nationality: China
  Fighting style: Sui-ken/ Drunken Fist


VF1 Storyline 


VF2 Storyline 

Shun is from Northern China and is considered a sage by many. He teaches in his small training hall and in the past, had many students.  that has changed and now he has but few. This is due to his keen interest in only taking on students who are able to take hardship as part of the training. 

While drinking with his friends, Shun heard them boasting about the success one of their student fighters (Akira) in a recent tournament competition. He suddenly exclaims, "I also want to participate in the World Fighting Tournament". Shun's friends pleaded with him not to, but once Shun had decided to fight, he was adamant and eventually joined the Tournament.

(Source: VF2 FAQ.)    

Here are two pictures of Shun: 
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Here are some files to help you master Shun's many exotic techniques. If you have other files not listed here, please tell me about them. 

Virtua Fighter 2: Shun FAQ v1.00 by Doug Rosengard. This is the first part of the Shun FAQ.  Take a look, it's very complete and together with the second part, will put all of Shun's powers at your command. 

Shun FAQ Part II: Putting it together by Doug Rosengard.  This is the strategy part of the FAQ.  It is shorter than the first, but brings all of the techniques discussed into a strategic framework. Doug gets some good points across in this file, and some decent analogies too.

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