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The Ultimate Guide to Virtua Fighter 2

Welcome to the new and improved Virtua Fighter 2 Ringside!

When I first set out to make this site, I intended for it to be a small weekend project I could use to experiment a little with HTML tables. I had just recently bought Virtua Fighter 2 for PC and found it difficult to find move lists and FAQs. With a little effort, I managed to dig up a wealth of info, so I decided to put all of the files I found in one place and share them with anyone who wanted them.

I never expected this site to be as successful as it has been, and since we recently passed 3000 visitors, I have decided that I owe all my many guests a long overdue update.

So here it is.

This is my little way of thanking all the people who have visited this site over the past year. Please keep coming back and don't forget to write. I'd love to hear what you think of the site and will gladly share any VF tips you may have with everyone who drops by.

Thanks again for visiting, and enjoy!

-- Taylor









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Last updated Thursday, July 12, 2001