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Very little is known about Dural. According to sources, the name Dural means Devil. Dural is a technological development from the Judgement 6 Syndicate which kidnapped Sarah and killed Kage's father. She is modelled after a human (Kage's mother?) and is made from an unknown alloy. Her fighting technique comes from a master who mastered all of the known martial arts. 

The Syndicate which created and controls Dural organizes the World Fighting Tournament, though why they do is still a mystery.

(Source: VF2 FAQ.)


The mysterious Dural Name: Dural 
Date of birth:  Unknown
Sex: Female-form machine
Blood type: None
Height:  between 1.65 and 1.80m
Weight: unknown
Job: J6 Fighter
Hobby: None
Nationality: None
  Fighting style: An amalgam of many styles


VF1 Storyline 


VF2 Storyline 

Kage has some suspicions as to who Dural was modelled after and hopes to find out more by defeating her.     

Here are some rare pictures of Dural: 
Click for a larger version. Click for a larger version.  

There appear to be no files or other information on the mysterious Dural.

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