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Virtua Fighter 2 FAQs

This is where you will find the ultimate guides to VF2. Over the last couple of years, a number of people have invested a great amount of time in developing these documents to allow others to benefit from their vast experience kicking Virtua butt. So start with the Virtua Fighter 2 FAQ V3.00 and move on to the rest.  You'll thank me for it.  

If you're looking for character-specific FAQs and guides, they can be found in the "Characters" section. 

 Virtua Fighter 2 FAQ Version 3.00   THE ULTIMATE resource for all VF2 players.  I was blown away (and still am) by the detail and variety of information in this document. Download it now and you'll see why. 

Virtua Fighter 2 Hop-Kick FAQ  Which teaches how to use the low-level jump and kick to deliver furious combinations without being vulnerable like when you jump high. 

Virtua Fighter 2 Dodge FAQ A very useful resource if you're going to be fighting skilled opponents. The reversal is the ultimate in skill and can put you into the next plateau of VF gamers. 

Virtua Fighter 2 Combo and Special Techniques FAQ  This is the beginning of the end for all of your opponents. With effective combos, VF2 matches become short and sweet. Land one, land all is the key concept of combos, so make sure you start by landing this file! 

Virtua Fighter 2 Music CD Guide  This is a guide to the Virtua Fighter 2 Soundtrack CD.  It must be mentioned that  Virtua Fighter PC includes the Soundtrack on the same CD.  the only difference is that the music starts at track 2 instead of 1.  This FAQ therefore applies to that version of VF2 as well. Check it out. 

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab these files.  I guarantee that if you read even only a part of the FAQ, you'll be a better VF2 player right away. 

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