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Lau Chan  

Lau strives for perfection in everything he does, be it working as a famous chef in China, or winning the title of the most powerful fighter in the world. Though he was declared champion of the first Tournament, Lau was far from satisifed with his performance, so after the first tournament, he headed for the mountains for an excrutiating year-long regimen of training. He hopes that in the next Tournament, he'll be able to perform up to his own exacting standards.

(Source: VF2 PC Help File.)


Lau Chan, pure attitude Name: Lau Chan 
Date of birth:  October 2nd, 1940
Sex: Male
Blood type: B
Height:  1.72 m
Weight: 77 kg
Job: Chinese Chef
Hobby: Chinese Poetry
Nationality: China
  Fighting style: Koen-ken/Tiger and Swallow System


VF1 Storyline 

A leading Chinese chef, Lau is also a master of the legendary Koen-ken martial art. A quiet man, he nevertheless has the air of resourcefulness and skill seen only in those skilled in the art of Koen-ken. His cold appearance hides a gentle nature. Having achieved one of his life's ambitions by being awarded the Grand Prix at the world's most renowned competition for Chinese chefs, Lau is now ready to fulfill his next ambition. He is resolved to enter the World Fighting Tournament and achieve his ultimate goal of becoming the best fighter alive. 

VF2 Storyline 

Lau Chan came to the first Tournament all the way from Shandong Province in Northern China and proved his incredible strength and skill by winning the championship. This victory was doubly beneficial to Lau, as his martial arts school was looking for a successor.  The only way for Lau to obtain the position was for him to win the Tournament. After his victory, he retreated to the mountains to train and develop new techniques to improve his ultimate art. Now, he has returned to the Tournament to test his new advanced Koen-ken techniques.

(Source: VF2 FAQ.)    

Here is a picture of Lau: 
Click for a larger version.  

I have managed to find a good file to help you play as Lau.

Virtua Fighter 2 - The Lau Fighting Guide/Lau FAQ v0.9 by Colin Leong. This is an exhaustive guide to what painful things Lau can do to people who get in his way. Rediculously thorough. As if it were possible, this FAQ makes Lau even more  lethal. You can call him Mister Chan.

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