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Jacky Bryant   

One fateful day, hotshot race driver and Jeet Kune Do master Jacky Bryant was separated from his sister, Sarah, when she was kidnapped by an underground syndicate. After years of searching, he learned that Sarah was being trained for combat, and was considered tops in the art of Jeet Kune Do. When the first World Fighting Tournament was announced, Jacky took the challenge in the hopes of finding and rescuing Sarah from the syndicate. But once a winner was declared, Sarah vanished. Jacky spent the next year training for the ensuing bout he knew would come. This time he plans to win the championship and take Sarah back for good.

(Source: VF2 PC Help File.)


Stylin' Jacky Bryant Name: Jacky Bryant 
Date of birth:  August 28th, 1970
Sex: Male
Blood type: A
Height:  1.82 m
Weight: 75 kg
Job: Indy car driver
Hobby: Training
Nationality: USA
  Fighting style: Sekken-do/Jeet Kune Do


VF1 Storyline 

The eldest son of the Bryant family, Jacky is also Sarah's brother.  He maintains his cool in every situation and those on the Indy racing circuit have come to know him as the Blue Flash. Jacky was seriously injured in an accident in the 1990 Indianapolis 500, and spent two years in a gruelling rehabilitation program. Just as he finished his recovery, he learned of the existence of the mystery group behind his "accident". Just as he got close to unmasking the conspiracy, his sister Sarah mysteriously disappeared.

Jacky's battle began as he pursued the trail of the group who held the key to these mysteries. That trail led straight to the World Fighting Tournament

VF2 Storyline 

During the last Tournament, Jacky was not really himself. After his eventual defeat, he went back to training and focused on improving his skills. Now he is an instructor in Jeet Kune Do.

Jacky is ready for a second attempt to seek revenge against the Syndicate and rescue his sister Sarah by battling his way through the Tournament.

(Source: VF2 FAQ.)    

Here is a picture of Jacky: 
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